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Stena Line, an ABTA member, is an international transport and travel service company and one of the world’s leading ferry operators. Every year over 7 million passengers, 1.5 million cars and 2 million freight units travel with Stena Line. However, fraudulent damage claims were costing the company up to £5 million every year.

2020 Vision was approached by Stena Line to help combat fraudulent vehicle damage claims that were costing the company up to £5m every year. 2020 Vision developed an innovative Damage Monitoring IP camera based solution to put a stop to this.

Using strategically placed Axis HDTV fixed dome cameras, all vehicles are recorded as they embark and disembark the ferries. These cameras capture the front, back, top and sides of each vehicle in high definition in order to record the condition of each vehicle before and after it passes into the care of Stena Line. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) links these pictures to each vehicle for easy identification should there be any damage claim against the company.

2020 Vision’s Damage Monitoring System has now been installed in the ports of Belfast, Loch Ryan Port Cairnryan, Dublin and Holyhead. The system has been designed to allow the Damage Control Team in Belfast to remote monitor and view all the other sites, to not only reduce the claims from unscrupulous users of the Stena Line service, but also reduce the man hours required to follow up on claims. This means that Belfast will be able to log into each site in turn and view/download footage allowing them to complete a query without the need to involve any further personnel on the relevant port.

Each site has 4-9 cameras depending on the number of entry/exit lanes. A total of 72 IP cameras are all linked back to Stena Line’s central network and fed into Milestone’s xProtect® system, so that each time a claim comes in from any of their customers, an operator can simply search by number plate and time to check to see whether or not a claim is valid. All evidence needed is now in Stena Line’s hands and is completely irrefutable.

“Having the ability to track in high definition detail each and every vehicle that travels with us is an incredibly powerful management tool to have at our disposal. Not only does it provide us with the ability to save on fraudulent damage claims but it also reduces the amount of staff time spent on such claims so it’s a real win win for us. We will be certainly recommending this system to other parts of the Stena Line European network.”

Wyn Parry, Stena Line

Wyn Parry Stena Line
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