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Durham University is committed to promoting a safe and welcoming environment that respects the diverse nature of the campus community. Durham University chose to collaborate with 2020 Vision Systems as an experienced education sector security specialist that understands the importance of campus safety.


Durham University is located in the historic city of Durham; it occupies a large diverse estate in Durham and Queens Campus in Stockton. In order to provide a safe and pleasant environment for students and staff alike, the University has invested in an array of CCTV systems that have grown over the years to meet changing requirements and to provide comprehensive surveillance coverage to 25 sites incorporating various schools, colleges, university departments and buildings.


CCTV systems form an important part of the University’s overall security strategy, where it is used in conjunction with other electronic security devices and physical and operational security measures to protect people and property.

The CCTV system consists of more than 200 cameras, using a mix of pro-active internal and external cameras supplemented with evidence gathering static cameras designed to provide comprehensive CCTV coverage of the 25 sites. Each site has its own control, process, monitoring and digital recording facility. Supported by a new overarching software integration platform to allow centralised control and monitoring.

Due to the University commitment to its students, staff and property, it is paramount that the CCTV system is both fit for purpose and operating within manufacturers’ parameters around the clock, 365 days a year. Should a system fault develop either with internal and external cameras or control equipment, it is repaired with all expedience 24/7 whatever the weather.

As analogue CCTV systems are reaching the end of their life, and the security industry is moving rapidly into the digital age. Future technology and development will not follow the analogue path, as we are already seeing analogue based products disappearing from the supplier’s catalogues and service parts are starting to become more difficult to source.

In order to provide an ongoing service of true value, a cost effective route of implementing digital technology is essential. After all, in these austere times many people do not have the budget to strip out their legacy system and install a new digital system that will simply to do the same job.


2020 Systems, having first won a four-year corrective and preventative maintenance contract in 2007, were able to use their experience, based on their historical knowledge of the University and its estate, to successfully tender and secure a second four-year frame work agreement to provide bi-annual preventative maintenance visits to test, adjust and record monitoring equipment and all ancillary equipment from 2011.

  • To provide a dedicated maintenance technician to carry out and ensure continuity of service in regular preventative maintenance visits and corrective maintenance. Call-out visits where required to repair and replace any defective equipment during normal office hours.
  • To provide a highly skilled service team for all corrective and responsive maintenance together with all call-out visits required to repair and replace any defective equipment outside normal office hours, 24/7, 365 days per year.
  • To provide any ongoing training support that is required with regular advice on the improvement to the scheme including associated costs to upgrade the system.  This is in-line with technological advancements and legislative changes subject to available budgets, including all the hardware, firmware and software.
  • To add additional cameras and ancillary control and recording equipment to accommodate as required.
  • To provide a contract administrator to attend regular (bimonthly/quarterly) and emergency contract meetings as required.

In addition, 2020 Vision have worked with the University Security, Estates and IT departments to implement an overarching software platform to integrate and bridge the gap between analogue legacy CCTV and Network Video systems.


The result is a comprehensive support package, which ensures the CCTV system delivers optimum performance and continues to meet with the Security Department’s Operational Requirement ensuring reliability exactly when it’s needed.

Should a failure occur, help is at hand with minimum delay, response and system down time. A managed migration path with a series of cost competitive steps to the new technology and the advantages digital video provides. In its simplest form it is an overarching software system that replaces the existing analogue CCTV switcher. As a customer’s budget becomes available we can add various applications such as control of DVR/NVR’s, alarm inputs, etcetera.

By implementing our software front-end U-MIX, we prove true commitment to our valued clients by managing their system life cycle and maximising return on investment.

Key Features 

  • Well planned and organised preventative maintenance schedule using our cradle to grave management system.
  • Fast response times with ‘first time fix policy’
  • Comprehensive reporting of system status; number of calls, response times etcetera.
  • True client supplier ‘Partnership’ approach.
  •  A future-proofed system that maximises life expectancy of legacy equipment.
  • All new systems quoted are IP based network video; enabling the older systems to be phased out as budgets become available.

2020 Vision – Durham University Campus Case Study

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