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We should never feel at risk when we’re present in a public sector organisation, whether this is a school or a governmental operational building. However, with crime on the rise in both England and Wales (according to the Office of National Statistics), government security systems must be enhanced to better protect citizens in the UK. Here at 2020 Vision, we have worked with organisations such as Bede College, which wanted to remain secure whilst still open to the outside community — something we achieved together. Likewise, we helped Excelsior Academy better protect both their pupils and teaching staff. Read more of our government security case studies today and find out how you could help protect your organisation in the public sector.

Public Sector Case Studies

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Tata Steel Europe - IP CCTV & Monitoring System Case Study

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Tata Steel Europe - IP CCTV & Monitoring System Case Study

Tata Steel Europe - IP CCTV & Monitoring System Case Study

Ambitious initiative to change the way an entire steel mill is controlled and monitored

2020 Vision, the multi award-winning security integrator, has broken new industry ground with the development of a fully-integrated IP CCTV monitoring system for steel production facility.

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