South Shields Council - Case Study

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South Shields – cameras and a set of automatic bollards within the main shopping area of King Street

In 1993, the Council installed its first town centre system which comprised six cameras and a set of automatic bollards within the main shopping area of King Street. It was monitored by an alliance of police control room staff and warden call officers within the town hall.

The challenge

To build upon the success of the initial system providing an innovative and effective borough wide CCTV surveillance solution.

The solution

CCTV monitoring has moved from the town hall to a central control room in South Shields town centre. The control centre is continuously updated with much of the latest technology.

Following the initial six camera installation, 2020 Vision successfully tendered a number of phased extensions to increase the system to 79 fully functional colour/mono urban surveillance cameras, sited throughout the borough covering the town centre, sea front and residential estates. The cameras are fitted with powerful 20-1 zoom lenses capable of providing recognition of a person at a distance of 177 metres (approximately).

All camera images are transmitted in real time via a private ‘state of the art’ fibre optic network to central control room, where they are are controlled, monitored and recorded by specialist trained council CCTV operators. Each operator has a direct link to the Police Southern Command via the police digital radio.

Since 1996, 2020 Vision has provided ongoing maintenance and technical support for what became one of South Tyneside Council’s major weapons in the war against crime and public disorder.

The benefits

  • Reduced crime, public disorder, and traffic incidents
  • Reduced fear of crime
  • Ergonomic re-design of operator control room

Using a five step test methodology the council has been able to assess:

  • That the system is appropriate and a reasonable solution
  • That it is sustainable
  • That it is fit for purpose
  • And that its success in reducing crime can be effectively measured

The borough-wide CCTV surveillance has created a better, safer environment for the people of South Tyneside.

Paul Marriot Customer Safety & Support said: “The success of the scheme was attributed to the forward and ongoing planning and the partnership approach which involved the contractor, police, chamber of commerce and other relevant bodies.”

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download 2020 vision case study pdfCase Study

RSPB Puffin Watch - IP CCTV & Monitoring System Case Study

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