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2020 Vision Systems were called upon by Cumbria Wildlife Trust to install cameras to capture the activity of the Ospreys at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve. With the experience and success of our Puffin Cam at Coquet Island and our work for the Friends of the Red Kites Association, we jumped, or more appropriately, flew, at this opportunity.

The opportunity to help Cumbria Wildlife Trust not only gain insight, but to monitor the wellbeing of the Ospreys, a bird of prey which is afforded the highest degree of legal protection, was something that really excited our team. Although the Cumbria Wildlife Trust had already installed technology which allowed them to take regular photographs of the ospreys, they contacted us to gain 24/7 video access into the lives of the birds.

The installation process was not easy, due both to the environment, laws of nature and time constraints with the project needing to be completed before the Ospreys migrated back from West Africa. Not only was the nesting site 1km away from the nearest power and internet supply, the only access was by foot across marshland. All installation was done by hand, including unravelling and installing 1km of mains power supply and fibre optic.

It was a very challenging project given the location and requirements. Design and specification of equipment was carefully chosen, understanding the clients requirements and delivering a successful system with hundreds of internet hits and the successful return of the Ospreys has made this an incredibly exciting and rewarding project.

Though it took a great deal of time and team effort, everything was installed and connected in time. Despite the challenges faced throughout, success prevailed and 2020 Vision Systems successfully assisted Cumbria Wildlife Trust in gaining their birds eye view.

“We were very pleased with the new cameras we installed at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve. People from all over the country have been to visit the nature reserve to see the nesting ospreys and being able to show them close-up footage of the parents and the chicks has been wonderful. We’ve also had a huge increase in visitors to our website who have been watching the live camera footage and the live steam has helped us make sure the birds were safe at all times.”

Charlotte Rowley, Senior Marketing Officer, Cumbria Wildlife Trust
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