£1m for surveillance technology upgrade security at a number of residential sites throughout Sunderland

A contract worth an estimated £1m has been awarded to North Shields-based security firm 2020 Vision, to upgrade security at a number of residential sites throughout Sunderland. 

Following the successful implementation of security systems in five high-rise tower blocks in North Sunderland and the control room based in Leechmere, 2020 Vision was handed a deal which will mean new security installations for ten more low-rise sites in the Hendon area. 

The award comes as Sunderland Housing Group embarks on further regeneration of existing properties. Installing high profile security systems means that residents will feel safer in their own homes and deter miscreants from committing crime, vandalism and anti social behaviour. 

David Morton, Project Architect for Sunderland Housing Group said: “Our goal for the Roker Towers Scheme was to provide an excellent quality environment adding many communal facilities such as a sun lounge, communal meeting room and laundry. Externally the parking, private gardens and landscaping adds to the high quality space. Both these elements can be enjoyed fully when the tenants have the comfort of CCTV.” 

Peter Houlis, Managing Director of 2020 Vision added: “Sunderland Housing Group is committed to making neighbourhoods safer, and we are delighted to be working with a local company to achieve this. 

“CCTV is a great weapon in combating crime, arrest rates shoot through the roof when the police have access to the invaluable images cameras can capture. It’s also good to know that people feel safer in their own homes with the CCTV operators keeping a constant eye on things.”

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