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Mar 16

High speed project puts CCTV into Leeds leisure centres

Leisure centres operated by Leeds City Council have been fitted with comprehensive CCTV systems under a fast-tracked scheme designed to boost safety and security. 

Security Specialist, 2020 Vision Systems Ltd, has now completed its 20th system in leisure centres across the city and has subsequently been awarded a maintenance contract to ensure the equipment continues to provide top quality results. 

According to Mark Allman, Head of Sport and Active Recreation for Leeds City Council, everything has gone very well. “Leeds City Council operates a wide variety of leisure centres and we continue to try and improve the service we offer to our customers all of the time. On-site security is a really important issue and we have been very encouraged with customers’ comments so far.” 

The contract required the first 17 centres to be fitted out within just eight weeks and so 2020 Vision had to adopt an efficient way of working. “We had three teams,” says Neil Titterington, Sales Manager. “Teams doing the first and second fix cabling were closely followed by commissioning engineers, who also trained the clients.” 

All sites have car parking and indoor facilities while some also have outdoor pitches as well and therefore the project has involved installation of a mix of external and internal cameras. Internal CCTV will help ensure the safety of customers as it can alert staff to any incidents or potential problems as well as showing what happened if anything does occur. 

Monitoring takes place from each centre’s reception desk during opening hours. Cameras continue to record out of hours so that any incidents could be investigated. The system keeps watch over most of the public areas such as car parks, corridors and lobbies as well as any areas of particular vulnerability. 

2020 Vision specialises in CCTV, access control as well as the integration of security systems to provide simplified central control. It operates in the north of England and southern Scotland. It has installed CCTV systems in an extensive range of environments such as universities, hospitals, casinos, sports stadiums and government offices.

2020 Vision CCTV specialis blog logo
Mar 2

2020 secures new deal to upgrade University security in Birmingham

THE University of Birmingham is investing £½ million into upgrading its security systems at its Edgbaston Campus in a move to provide even safer environments for its students. 

CCTV cameras have proven to cut crimes committed in University grounds by more than 50% over the past few years. Currently catering for 26,000 students, both from the UK and across 150 countries internationally, Birmingham expects the new measures to help reduce crime even further. 

Gordon Alt, University of Birmingham security manager said: “Despite having the population of a small town, we have dramatically reduced crime on our campus over recent years thanks to our dedicated security staff, campus police staff and the use of CCTV. 

“However, we can never be too complacent when it comes to student safety. Thanks to the new advanced equipment that will be installed, we are safe in the knowledge that we are doing all we can to ensure the well-being of our students.” 

UK security specialists, 2020 Vision will be responsible for designing, installing and providing maintenance support for a holistic security system, including a state-of-the-art digital control centre. 

Renowned for excellence and professionalism, 2020 Vision, beat off stiff competition to upgrade the security measures at Birmingham. The company, who are the only UK holders of Level 4 status with Honeywell security’s Max1000 Video Management System, currently provide and maintain security at Newcastle, Sunderland and Northumbria Universities. 

Peter Houlis, 2020 Vision Managing Director commented: “Security has never been more important following the events of 7/7. Over the past 10 years we have provided advanced surveillance systems to several establishments of Higher Education, reflecting our commitment to ensuring secure campus environments and sustaining steady influx of students. 

“As a leading University, Birmingham’s new investment only demonstrates further the responsibility they take towards their students.” 

2020 Vision was established in 1992 and its services include CCTV, remote site monitoring, integrated systems and concierge solutions.