2020 Vision Archive - 2012

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Oct 29

2020 Vision’s growing reputation with Axis Communications

The annual Axis VIP Partner Event was held this year in Dublin on 24th and 25th of October.

Global leader in the network video market, Axis Communications event celebrates the achievements of the top 1% of the highest performing and most innovative partners from across Northern Europe, with exclusive awards presented to partners for their outstanding achievements and contributions during 2012.

For the third year running 2020 Vision were invited to the prestigious event and delighted to win the Strongest Growth Award –

Phil Doyle Axis Northern Europe Director said “Having shown phenomenal growth this year, 2020 Vision continues to lead the way with IP solutions in the UK. The company’s many successful projects include the NHS Trust in the north of England which included over seventy five HD cameras, twenty five of which were AXIS 1080P PTZ domes”

2020 Vision’s Peter Houlis said “to be in the top fifty not just in the UK but from over four and a half thousand partners across Northern Europe shows our commitment and highlights our experience in the field of network video”

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Oct 24

10th Transport Security Expo

The tenth annual Transport Security Expo is taking place on 14-15 November at London Olympia.

Designed to deliver clarity to the complex task of protecting Passengers, Cargo and High Risk Assets from those intent on doing harm, Transport Security Expo is the leading event for global Heads of Aviation, Maritime, Counter Piracy, Public Transport and Supply Chain Security . With a ten year pedigree it is the world’s most established event in this arena.

Transport Security Expo brings together the world’s leading experts from government, military, law enforcement and security services face to face with the aviation, maritime and public transport industries, to assess the threat level, examine the countermeasures in place and, where necessary, recommend alternate strategies to deal with these threats.

For more information about this prestigious event visit www.transec.com

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Oct 24

The Security Institute welcomes Peter Houlis

2020 Vision are delighted to announce that Managing Director Peter Houlis MSyl has been accepted as a member of the Security Institute following rigorous evaluation by the Institute’s Validation Board.

The Security Institute based in the UK, is dedicated to raising standards in the security industry; recognizing an individuals skills and experience and promoting education of security practitioners, but also educating buyers and suppliers of security goods and services, and ultimately the general public.

The Security Institute aims are to provide objective standards for, and an independent assessment of, the professional competence and experience of those practising the art and science of security both nationally and internationally, and to raise awareness of professional security practices for the benefit of the public and industry

2020 Vision’s Peter Houlis said “I have been in the security industry for 38 years the past twenty years as MD of 2020 Vision I feel it is about time to get some acknowledgment (served my apprenticeship) The Security Institute’s pursuance of Royal Charter recognition for security professionals matches my ambitions and I wish them every success in their objectives.”

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Oct 20

Valley Watch – Remote Monitoring

Due to the success of the Team Valley CCTV scheme implemented by 2020 Vision on behalf of  Valleywatch and to capitalize on the state of the art control room, Valleywatch decided to offer their CCTV monitoring services nationally using Fastscan transmission technology.

The challenege

To equip the control room with a fully integrated, remote transmission system which would be able to receive video images, alarms and audio links from sites all around the UK using a variety of Fastscan transmission links.

The solution

2020 Vision initially installed two Adpro Fastscan Transceivers which have since been increased to six due to the number of remote sites being monitored.

The units are fully integrated into the Max 1000 Video Management System allowing Security Staff seamless operation of both the proactive site wide system and remote monitored sites.

The remote site installations consist of a number of fixed and functional PTZ cameras linked to alarm sensors. Dependent on the risk, these vary from buried wire (high risk) to active and passive Infra red detectors, external lighting and a voice broadcast system.

Upon activation of an alarm sensor the appropriate camera is called up and the images transmitted to the control room, typically in 2/3 seconds over ISDN lines. The alarm images are presented to the CCTV operator in quad format, three in snapshot frames recorded immediately after activation and a live video image from the camera.

The snap shot images allow verification of the cause of alarm whilst the live image allows the operator to see what’s happening on site.

Simultaneously, on site floodlighting is activated, the video images are recorded in ‘real time’ for subsequent post incident investigation and moveable cameras are sent to preset views. A voice channel is also activated enabling security to encourage miscreants to leave site as they are they are being watched on CCTV.

The benefits

2020 Vision has installed remotely monitored CCTV for a variety of clients including Laing O’Rourke. They have found that remote monitoring:

  • Reduces the risk of crime and minimizes criminal damage.
  • Can be effective on most sites with a defined perimeter boundary.
  • More cost effective than manned guarding.
  • Ability to remotely control peripheral devices such as barriers and gates etc.