2020 Vision – Ensure your CCTV is not illegal

The UK is a surveillance society with an estimated 14.2 million CCTV cameras, one for every 14 people.

CCTV has become common place in virtually every town and city and is seen as one of the nation’s weapons in the war against crime.

Worryingly, ‘camera watch’, a new national advisory body for this industry which has the backing of the police and Information Commissioners Office, claims that up to 90% of CCTV installations are illegal and fail to comply with the Information Commissioners UK CCTV code of practice.

If CCTV is to continue to gain public support, aid the police in crime investigations and provide admissible evidence in court, it is essential that systems are implemented and operated to the highest standards.

2020 Vision have demonstrated via ISO 9001 and the third party inspection by the SSAIB and various focus CCTV experts, that we have the experience and expertise to efficiently implement major CCTV projects which comply with the relevant legislation and codes of practice.

Our membership of the CCTV user group attests to our commitment.

Based upon the new article printed in the Times 31st May 2007.

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