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Aug 2

Brexit’s impact on the food and drink sector

Since the referendum in 2016, Brexit has been a frequent concern for manufacturers in Britain — with no real sense of direction from the government. Although Prime Minister, Theresa May, announced the government’s Chequers deal last month, plans are being drawn up for a ‘no deal’ scenario which is seemingly becoming a more realistic route for the country. Read more…

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Jul 24

University accommodation: the need for access control systems

University shouldn’t be a worrying experience for students and their parents, but often it is — with news stories circulating the internet highlighting the dangers and making us question the safety of the new intake of students. For example, a video that went viral earlier this year recorded students at Nottingham Trent University chanting racist comments in front of the door of another student in their university accommodation. Read more…

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May 30

Renewing your school’s security systems before the new term

Our entire society has been built on education — with knowledge being at the forefront of any key decision making. But currently, education establishments across the UK are avoiding a big decision and wrongly putting the safety of both their students and staff at great risk by using outdated security systems that are not as effective as they once were. Read more…

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Apr 10

The future of access control systems

Access control is used more than we think, from traditional methods like keypads in schools to unlocking our smartphones on a daily basis. But how far can technology take us? In this article, we reflect on how the trends have changed over the years, as well as looking at some changes that could occur in the future. Read more…

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Mar 8

Does your business have CCTV? How to be compliant under GDPR legislation

You’ve probably heard of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by now, and are flustering about how you can make your business compliant — especially around the use of CCTV across your premises. With the 25th of May looming closer, you haven’t got much time to start making the appropriate changes to avoid the 2-4% turnover penalties which could be detrimental to your business.
Read more…

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