Analogue CCTV vs IP Cameras

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Aug 1

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If you are aiming to deter thieves around your business facilities, you may be considering security cameras. Both analogue CCTV and IP cameras have their benefits, but which one is best for you?

To find out, 2020 Vision has weighed up the pros and cons of each system. Discover which is best for you by reading the results of the analogue CCTV vs IP cameras debate below:


The argument for analogue CCTV cameras

Analogue CCTV cameras and the peripheral equipment required are generally lower in price when compared to their IP camera counterparts.

Be aware that you may have to add to this expenditure in the long term, as analogue CCTV has limitations on the number of fixed cameras that can be assigned to a DVR.

However, most of these cameras require very little peripheral or managed equipment to function effectively — again, bringing your costs down.

The argument for IP cameras

The upfront cost for IP cameras will more than likely be higher than an equivalent analogue CCTV camera.

One great feature is that a single IP camera can usually complete the same job as several analogue CCTV cameras — particularly beneficial when you’re looking to improve security in a large open space.


The argument for analogue CCTV cameras

If you need a security system that performs well across a wide variety of lighting conditions, you will not go wrong with analogue CCTV cameras.

Of course, it’s important that you can view what is being recorded adequately too. Video images captured by analogue CCTV camera transmit to a DVR uncompressed, and are able to be viewed live and with no worries of latency pre-compression.

The argument for IP cameras

It’s all about image quality when it comes to the benefits of IP cameras.

The systems can capture images in high definition. What’s more, the technology often gives you the option to zoom in and out of a scene without quality being compromised.


The argument for analogue CCTV cameras

You don’t need to worry much about networks or configuration during the installation of analogue CCTV cameras.

For most systems, getting set up involves little more than powering up the technology, positioning them so that they focus on the area you require and then focusing the images.

The argument for IP cameras

Basic skills in networking are recommended if you are setting up IP cameras on a small scale, while those installing systems around an enterprise should seek the help of those with technical knowledge in the area.

While both scenarios require more work than installing analogue CCTV systems though, IP cameras do have the benefit of requiring less cabling runs.

Plus, once a system is set up all you need to do in order to add another camera is to plug it into any adequate part of the network connection.

Once you’ve made up your mind between analogue CCTV cameras and IP cameras, browse our expansive selection of security solutions and take the first step to making business facilities more protected.

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