There aren’t as many CCTV cameras as you thought!

In an exclusive report, first released to CCTV Image magazine and, DCC Graeme Gerrard of Chesire Constabulary reveals the results of new research into the number of CCTV cameras in the UK.

Contrary to the widely quoted figure of 4.2 million CCTV cameras, Mr Gerrard and his co-author Richard Thompson calculated the number of cameras as 1.85 million.

This figure is the best one available so far, and is based on a thorough survey of CCTV cameras in Cheshire. Based on the number of cameras in rural and urban areas in Cheshire, and taking into account land use patterns in the UK as a whole, they scaled up their numbers to arrive at the figure of 1.85 million.

By comparison, the 4.2 million figure was based on a 2002 survey of two busy streets in London, which was then extrapolated to the country as a whole.

The original article is at

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