Berwick Town Centre CCTV System once again proved its worth

Berwick Town Centre CCTV System once again proved its worth by capturing invaluable footage of a serious assault on police officers in Golden Square on August 4th.

The incident was the first major event to be recorded by the brand new digital recording system installed in the CCTV Control Room at Berwick Police Station a week ago.

The digital recording system cost £28,500 and was funded by Berwick Borough Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (BBCDRP).  The system, sourced and installed by the Partnership’s principal contractor, 2020 Vision Systems Ltd of North Shields, provides cutting-edge recording performance and has a massive storage capacity for footage of evidential quality used in prosecutions.

Borough Secretary David Cook, the Council lead on CCTV, said:

“CCTV is a vital tool for dealing with antisocial behaviour and violence in Berwick Town Centre.  Its worth was proven again on Saturday night, because without CCTV it might have taken longer to determine the seriousness of the incident.

“The new digital recording system is state of the art, and increases the likelihood of anyone involved in criminal activity who is caught on camera being successfully prosecuted because of the quality of images that the system produces. “That should serve as a clear warning to people inclined towards criminal behaviour,” he said.

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