Clinical use of CCTV for Hull Royal Infirmary

A new teaching facility for Hull Royal Infirmary utilises the training SimMAN system from the Laerdal Corporation,

2020Vision were called in to enhance the system through the use of sophisticated interactive CCTV, enabling the East Riding Medical Educational Centre to maximise its Investment.

SimMAN is a life size mannequin with computerised interface, which can be very effectively used to teach medical staff clinical and decision making skills during realistic patient scenarios.

Through careful discussions with the Consultants and Technicians, 2020 Vision Systems were able to meet the strict requirements laid down. The training system involves the use of the SimMAN, cameras, microphones and speakers, a digital recording device and a computer network.

The teaching facility will provide a perfect training environment, and with the addition of the specialist CCTV system enable remote live viewing and analysis, recording and detailed review and re production of  training sessions onto CD.

The scenario controller will not only control the SimMAN, but through the aid of microphones, speakers and CCTV equipment, instruct “the stooge “, whilst recording everything to hard disc.

The scene will be viewed by two full function pan tilt and zoom cameras under control of the scenario controller. Instructions will be given to “the stooge” via a radio microphone and head set that only he can hear. A separate microphone and speaker will provide the scenario controller with the response for the SimMAN. A third microphone located in the centre of the room will provide the scene sound recording. Each of the cameras will be able to zoom in and out of the unfolding scene to a specific view or a preset view allowing the scenario controller to get the best pictures. There will also be a “tagging” facility to allow for the highlighting of “incidents or occurrences of specific interest”. The digital recording system will capture the scenes from each of the cameras, the output monitor information from the SimMAN Software as displayed to the attendees of the session including any “Tagging Signals ” and the room sound recording. This will be stored for future recall and review.

The Digital Recording System will also be connected to the hospital network to allow ‘live viewing’ at a remote site through a connected PC and the provided software. This facility will also allow the reviewing of recorded scenarios utilizing any ‘tagging’ placed into the recording.

There is also the facility to produce a CD recording of the scene for viewing on any PC.

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