Can CCTV Be Used To Monitor Staff Performance?


Many businesses are left confused as to what the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) conditions are concerning monitoring employees and their performance within the workplace.

Under GDPR, businesses can’t use CCTV to ‘spy’ on their employees and the placement of such a system requires justification by compiling an operational requirement form, as well as carrying out a privacy impact assessment.

GDPR makes it easier for not only employees — but also suppliers, customers and other visitors on the premises to object to video surveillance in specific areas where they might expect privacy, as they instantly become data subjects.

Many businesses are taking up the ‘privacy by design’ concept, making it easier for organisations to monitor their staff without breaching any regulations. When thinking about installing CCTV to your premises, remember:

  • Create a document that highlights the reasons for monitoring and what benefits this could bring to your business — including justification.
  • Include an impact assessment, which will highlight any negatives that could come of monitoring your staff and how you would plan to deal with them.

For further information, read our article on how GDPR could impact your business’ CCTV or contact our team today.

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