Can IP Cameras Work Without Internet?


IP cameras do have the ability to record footage without an internet connection. However, to take full advantage of the features included in an IP camera — an internet connection is recommended.

IP cameras are part of an IP Network, which are interlinked with access control systems (including intercoms) as well as intrusion detectors. Their data travels to a video encoder then issues the information to local command. An internet connection can be useful for remote monitoring.

You can’t put a price on security, and a common question asked is whether IP CCTV will slow down your network. Your network and internet connection will of course slow down slightly. However, due to the advancements in technology this will not be detrimental to a business, as IP cameras are becoming more adaptable to networks. This in turn will have less of an impact on them.

IP cameras can be hacked — but there are many procedures you can take to ensure that this does not happen:

  • Set secure passwords — including uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters, which make passwords harder for hackers to figure out. It’s also important that you regularly change this to prevent any breaches.
  • Do not buy second hand systems — it’s important that you do not use second hand security systems, as the seller could potentially still have access to its content
  • Complete updates — when the time comes, you must begin to upgrade your firmware so that you check for any fixes and improvements that might become available.

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