How To Maintain Your CCTV Cameras


There are a few ways that you can maintain your CCTV cameras. However, the camera housing should only be opened by those who are competent to do so:

  • Clean the lens — begin by making sure that all of your cameras (both indoor and outdoor) have a clear view of their focus area. Use compressed air to blow away any unwanted speckles and then gently brush the lens using a microfiber brush.
  • Remove obstructions — if your CCTV cameras are placed above items that could potentially obstruct the view, maintain this area. For example, overgrowing bushes or trees could potentially damage the lens.
  • Internal care — every so often, open the camera’s housing and look for any signs of potential water damage (including condensation) and dirt. Keep a look out for corrosion too.
  • Cable care — make sure that all of the wires are connected to your camera. Loose wires could potentially tear and cause greater damage to the internal features of the camera.

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