The future of urban surveillance – politically motivated

2020 Vision Managing Director Peter Houlis was recently invited to present a talk to the politics department at Newcastle University. The talk titled: Visibly efficient… the future of urban surveillance, looked at the technology employed and future trends, coupled with the use of CCTV surveillance in our society.

Points discussed covered emerging technology such as mega pixel cameras and artificial intelligence like facial recognition, system integration to other technologies and the move to link systems to personnel data held on data bases of various organisations. Along with the control measures of use through Data Protection, Human Rights Act et cetera.

Peter said “it was extremely interesting to discuss the benefits, hype and myths surrounding the contentious and subjective issue of urban surveillance with potential future leaders. With such a politically astute audience the talk produced some good questions and feedback and it was extremely interesting to play Devil’s advocate.”

Miss Poulatova PhD in Political Thought and Human Rights, who organized the presentation on behalf of Prof. Peter N. Jones Department of Politics, Said “Human rights and the surveillance society is a politically topical subject. It was extremely enlightening for our students to get an insight from someone so closely involved with designing and implementing systems and the use of such systems in policing life in modern Britain.”

Any group interested in a presentation should contact Peter Houlis at

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