Intelligent CCTV system arrives from down under

A revolutionary new security system, seen as a major technological leap forward in the fight against terrorism by automatically alerting CCTV operators to unattended packages and suspicious individuals, is now available in the UK.

North Shields-based security systems specialist 2020 Vision Systems has won the contract from Sydney-based system developer iOmniscient to distribute its latest technology.

The new security system – to be marketed in the UK and selected overseas markets by 2020 Vision Systems as ISEiT – involves bolting a unique, new software package onto existing CCTV systems, substantially boosting their capability.

Peter Houlis, 2020 Managing Director, said: “This software system adds brains to your existing CCTV infrastructure to allow it to be able to identify suspicious objects in even the busiest crowd.

“A recent study showed that CCTV operators can miss 45% of activity on screen after 10 minutes, and up to 95% after 20 minutes.

“The applications for this system could be huge from shopping malls and football stadiums, to city centres and airports and we have already had initial expressions of interest from organisations in the North East and across the UK.”

The ISEiT system allows:


  • The speedy detection of suspicious and potentially dangerous objects in places such as airports, office buildings, major sporting facilities and power plants, alerting the camera operator with a play back facility to reveal the person who left the package
  • The prevention of theft in museums or other locations that house valuable artefacts or paintings – the system can detect objects that have been removed from the scene
  • No Parking and No Standing zones – the system can identify if a vehicle has stopped in a restricted zone for more than a pre-defined period and provide an alarm
  • Warehousing – the system can identify packages or containers that have not been moved for a specified period of time
  • The prevention of theft of computers from offices
  • The detection of graffiti and the person responsible

    Using unique and patented intelligence that is not available anywhere else, heuristic algorithms locate suspicious objects in a crowd.

    Mr Houlis said: “This system relies upon genius level artificial intelligence and we see adding this brain to existing CCTV systems as the next logical step in the fight against crime and terrorism.

    “This represents the next generation of CCTV technology which will undoubtedly make waves in the UK security scene, and should prove extremely popular in today’s climate.”

    The ISEiT system can work off existing analogue and IP based CCTV infrastructures, and interface effortlessly with most DVR systems.

    2020 Vision Systems provides expert solutions in CCTV, access control, remote monitoring stations, concierge and communications systems.

    The firm has worked on integrated security projects around the globe including the Gran Casina in Barcelona, Newcastle and Lothian & Borders city centre systems, railway monitoring on Egyptian National Railways and Baltic Rail and operations in several university campuses, airports and seaports in the UK.

    The contract was awarded to 2020 Vision Systems in a deal brokered by development agency, One NorthEast’s new Australian office who are promoting the North of England as the prime location for Australasian firms looking to develop their business in Europe.

    Regional Development Agencies One NorthEast, Yorkshire Forward and the North West Development Agency opened their Sydney office under the banner of the North of England Inward Investment Agency (NOE IIA) late last year to capitalise on investment and export opportunities in the antipodes.


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