Newcastle Freeman Hospital – CCTV proves its worth

A full scale emergency evacuation was narrowly avoided at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital thanks to 2020 Vision’s state of the art CCTV systems.

Following the sighting of a suspicious bag outside one of the onsite shops in the hospital, concerned security staff monitored the CCTV footage to identify the circumstances surrounding the bag.

With only seconds to go before a full-scale evacuation plan was implemented, security staff identified that the mystery bag belonged to an elderly lady who had absent-mindedly abandoned it.

Peter Houlis, managing director of 2020 Vision, said: “Hospitals are under increasing pressures to provide solutions to their security needs. Every day they face a vast variety of threats and dangers. Thanks to the use of our specialised CCTV cameras the Freeman Hospital was able to avoid an emergency evacuation which would have been both costly and disruptive.”

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