Protecting Yourself From Rising Terror Threats

In light of MI5 Chief, Andrew Parker’s warning that the threat of terrorism in the UK is at its highest for 40 years, we have all been forced to question whether we have done enough to protect ourselves from the dangers. Due to the height of danger, now is a prudent time to review security arrangements, because the unfortunate fact is, we are all at potential risk. We all have our part to play and a duty to protect not only ourselves, but our clients and employees.

As detailed in Andrew Parker’s report, over the past 12 months, six terrorist plots have been stopped and this number is rising – if we take into consideration the impact that these plots could have made, the catastrophic effect they could have caused, it becomes clear that in the society which we live, security measures are simply no longer an option.

It is at this stage that we want to intervene, to help you, our clients, present and future, to make sure you are taking all the necessary action to protect yourself. We can do this by helping you to make the decision about which surveillance and/or access control system is right for you and your business or organisation – With years of knowledge, understanding and experience in the security industry, our team are dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with the service and products provided and that ultimately the utmost has been done to ensure they feel as protected as possible.

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