Renewing your school’s security systems before the new term

Our entire society has been built on education — with knowledge being at the forefront of any key decision making. But currently, education establishments across the UK are avoiding a big decision and wrongly putting the safety of both their students and staff at great risk by using outdated security systems that are not as effective as they once were.

With a recent spike of crime in schools and colleges across the UK, we wanted to highlight the necessity for school boards to come to the decision to renew outdated security systems. This is to properly safeguard their institute and dilute the risk of any potential threats.

Whether this is preventing school break-ins and burglaries or detecting violence within the building, the advancements in technology have enabled schools to invest in the appropriate security measures that are tailored to meet their own requirements and ensure an overall safe experience for everyone.

Upgrading your school’s security systems

Despite the popular saying, “don’t fix something that isn’t broken”, when it comes to security improvements, it’s important to update systems and stay on the ball.

It’s important for school boards and governmental bodies to take a look at the current security systems they have in place and contemplate with the idea of investing in an upgrade for their entire education site.

Whether you’re installing new systems completely, or prioritising certain areas of your school — here are some of our recommendations that can help enhance the safety in your building and when you should be looking to make the changes:

If your school is still using analogue CCTV across the grounds, it’s time for an upgrade. Through the advancements in technology, IP CCTV was soon introduced, enabling footage to be broadcasted as a digital stream within an IP network. This allows schools to be more flexible with how and where video surveillance is used which is something that your school should be looking for. Although analogue CCTV was one of the better types of surveillance cameras during its time, IP CCTV offers greater resolution that can come in useful when it comes to reviewing footage and focusing on individuals. However, one of the main driving factors behind IP CCTV investment is that they are more flexible, faster and cheaper to deploy as the infrastructure in the school likely already exist — offering a more reliable and easy solution when recording video footage. Not only this, but they also provide a common language when integrating with other systems such as access control.

Video Analytics and Facial Recognition
Once your school has installed IP CCTV, installing video analytics and facial recognition technologies can ensure that your premises is protected at all costs whilst being able to constantly monitor the building at all times. Video analytics has the ability to track people, vehicles and objects which could be useful when protecting science laboratories and the chemicals inside for example. If they were to be moved, those monitoring would be able to see who this was and track where they were taking them to prevent any incidents. Not only that, but this will also alert the correct department when someone is exiting the grounds when they’re not supposed to.

When to make the change

When it comes to securing your premises, there’s no perfect time to implement the appropriate solutions that will help safeguard your building, students and staff. Once a vulnerability has been detected which could have a profound impact on the way your school operates – you must make the quick decision to dilute and prevent any damage that could be caused by this.

However, if you have recently just secured a budget to upgrade your systems and there is no sense of urgency for the renewal, schools should try and achieve this change during the holidays and before the new term. There are many benefits that can be achieved from working in this manner that include:
● No need for school closures.
● No disruption to students and teachers.
● No need to close off areas of the building.
● Thorough testing of the security systems can be carried out before the school re-opens.

However, with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) being implemented on the 25th May by the European Parliament — this is something that schools must consider when making strategic plans to enhance their security systems. Find out how the education sector can be impacted by GDPR here or contact our team today for further security advice.

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