Spanish casino – installation of a complex security system

Leading Systems manufacturer Honeywell Video Products secured a contract to supply a total security solution for a prestigious casino in Spain where not only can customers play a full range of casino games they can also watch leading artists and perform pick up poker tips from some of the world’s best poker players.

The Solution

2020 Vision Systems was approached by Honeywell to carry out the installation of a complex security system which would combat theft, fraud and collusion in an environment were sophisticated thieves can cause the house and government considerable loss of revenue.

The system is based around the world renowned MAX1000 Video Management Matrix and incorporates a mix of Fixed and Functional PTZ colour surveillance cameras with ‘real time’ video and audio recording.

2020 Vision also provided access control and door monitoring technologies operating in total synergy through the Max1000 computerised management system which employs sophisticated bespoke software to automate a number of system functions and further reduce collusion.

The benefits

The Casino is now amongst the safest in the world with CCTV operators watching every gaming table and slot machine for any signs of foul play or fraud.

Craig Wilkinson, UK Sales Director of Ultrak Maxpro said:

“World wide Casinos are a major part of our customer profile. It was therefore of paramount importance that the installation was carried out to the highest standard we had no qualms about 2020 Vision’s ability to deliver this project on our behalf”

Peter Jones, Operations director at 2020 Vision was responsible for the project, he said:

“It was a great installation to be involved with from a technical point of view and a good cultural experience working abroad with Spanish contractors”

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