U-MIX 2020 Vision’s route from CCTV to Network Video

2020 Vision has a large and diverse customer base that relies on CCTV as part of their overall security strategy. Generally, due to a strict maintenance regime these legacy systems work perfectly well. However with the demise of analogue CCTV and the convergence of IT and video it is our job as a professional security systems house to guide our customers through a jungle of new technology and hype and provide them with a strategy for change.

Analogue CCTV systems are reaching the end of life and our industry is moving rapidly into the digital age with Network Video. Emerging technology and developments will not follow the analogue path, as we are already seeing analogue based products are disappearing from the supplier’s catalogues and service parts are starting to become more difficult to source.

You see evidence of this in the high street, try buying an analogue TV or Camera, its almost impossible. If you did, in a short space of time service parts and film will become impossible to source. Our industry is directly fed from the consumer market drive for HD quality, PC based applications.

Following discussions and consultation with a number of our key clients 2020 Vision in conjunction with Software House I-Comply has developed U-MIX a system agnostic video management platform which facilitates a managed migration from analogue security to intelligent network video surveillance extending the life expectancy of legacy systems.

Network Video provides our customers with many advantages particularly in terms of picture quality and the ease of transmitting streaming images around a network. Expanding the scope of their surveillance systems beyond security into operational use, combining safety, security and operational management to deliver visual intelligence upon which informed decisions can be made. Typical examples would be assisting in Health and Safety, productivity, personnel management and marketing and we fully understand this rational.

2020U-MIX provides command, control and management of disparate CCTV and related security systems to maximize return on investment and future proof the system. It bridges the gap between technology and the operator, mixing legacy systems, new IP digital systems, network video and other life safety and security devices, providing a true cost effective road map for migration to digital technology and the advantages it offers.

2020U-MIX is designed to be simple and intuitive in operation, it knits together all security applications into one integrated, unified front end. Hosting all common data, to all applications, through one database; bringing together buildings, locations, access rights, people and workflows.

The U-MIX application platform provides uncompromising ‘real time’ security management and creates the perfect centralised control room, converging (transparent to the end user) diverse security technologies.

Comprehensively integrating them into a powerful, simple, user friendly, front end control application.

Peter Houlis 2020 Vision’s MD said “It is true to say that a large proportion of our customers have legacy systems which work perfectly well and still meet with operational requirements. However, in order to cater to our customers future needs and provide an ongoing service of true value we needed to provide them with a cost effective route of implementing digital technology, after all in these austere times not many people have the budget to strip out their legacy system and install a new digital system simply to do the same job.

We needed to provide them with a series of cost competitive steps to the new technology and give them advantages in changing by way of add on applications, which is were our development of U-MIX came in. In its simplest form it is an overarching software system, which replaces the existing analogue CCTV switcher. As a customer’s budget becomes available we can add various applications such as control of DVR/NVR’s, alarm inputs, etcetera.

By implementing U-MIX we prove true commitment to our valued clients by managing their system life cycle and maximizing return on investment”.

Find out more about U-MIX and its applications by contacting 2020Vision on 0191 296 2662

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