UK Government has increased the current terrorism threat level to Severe

The increase from substantial, means that a terrorist attack is highly likely. You should therefore remain alert to the danger of terrorism, look out for suspicious bags on public transport or any other potential signs of terrorist activity you may encounter.

There are five levels of threat:

  • critical – an attack is expected imminently
  • severe – an attack is highly likely
  • substantial – an attack is a strong possibility
  • moderate – an attack is possible but not likely
  • low – an attack is unlikely

The threat levels are set by Security Service (MI5)  and the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC).  Who work together to consider information gathered through intelligence in the UK and abroad and how terrorist organisations have behaved in the past.

The system of threat levels has been created to keep you informed about the level of threat the UK faces from terrorism at any given time. The system helps police and other law enforcement agencies decide how to allocate staff.

Experts predict it’s just a matter of time before the next attack. Whatever your walk of life security is probably more important today than at any point in history and we all need to take responsibility for our safety and security.

Given the increased risk now would be a good time to review your security and make sure its working.

In order to implement a successful security strategy, it is imperative that an audit is carried out and a security management plan be developed. The plan needs to list the risks and actual and perceived threats, along with an operational requirement.

Your audit should be carried out by a security professional with a working knowledge of your industry sector

Remember to contact your local police force and speak to the ‘Counter Terrorism Security Advisor.’

Good physical security will be your first line of defence backed up by electronic security.

The security measures should be multilayered like an onionskin, and backed up by sound management policies and procedures, including staff training.

Fortunately, today’s security professionals can draw from a substantial arsenal of security options with technology, providing many cost efficient ways to improve security for everyone.

Take the no risk option and let 2020 Vision review your security issues now. We have the knowledge and experience to solve your problems.

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