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Protection requirements for utilities are constantly evolving as their importance is increasingly recognised on a national level.

International terrorists, home-grown activists and criminal gangs all pose a real and present danger to our infrastructure. Imagine the devastation to the deliberate contamination to our water supply, the destruction of a major gas facility, and the cost and disruption to commerce, industry and the public if we suffered a major power outage caused by a malicious attack?

The endemic theft of materials from utilities sites and the constant risk thieves place on themselves put an even greater burden on those responsible for security. As a utilities provider faced with a terrorist threat, rising crime and a culture of accountability, it is paramount that all steps are taken to ensure the safety of your staff and property, and to visibly discharge your duty of care. It is also crucial to enable real-time monitoring in hazardous areas with complete reliability.

Critical Infrastructure Security - 2020 Vision Systems Limited

2020 Vision has the experience to help guide you in developing a fully comprehensive system. Utilities companies have their own requirements, 2020 Vision provides solutions that meet these needs. These include protection of the perimeter, controlling access for individuals, management of visitors, and video surveillance of the entire facility and beyond – giving protection at all levels from a variety of threats.

Security systems must take into account the range of bodies and their requirements, from utility providers to Governmental premises, from regulatory bodies to of course, the public. It’s not just a commercial requirement to provide security, it is also a legal requirement. Companies that do not meet these standards are subject to fines or other penalties. We offer a fully integrated security solution so you can meet all these requirements.

Partnering with a security provider who understands the importance of safety and security in the utilities sector is crucial.

Critical Infrastructure Security Specialists - 2020 Vision Systems Limited

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or to discuss your requirements. We are happy to provide professional impartial advice. Please call: +44. 0191 296 2662 or request a call back using the simple contact form below.

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HD Visual and Audio Monitoring System - IP CCTV Case Study

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HD Visual and Audio Monitoring System - IP CCTV Case Study

HD Visual and Audio Monitoring System - IP CCTV Case Study

Revolutionary use of HD video surveillance offers chance of ‘normal life’ for loving family.

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