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Hospital security is a great challenge and presents a demanding system environment in terms of controlling access and security. They contain valuable facilities and equipment, and deal with volatile situations involving the safety and lives of people. A diverse array of spaces, buildings and departments which contain a variety of people – staff, patients, visitors, suppliers and those with mall intent – all need to be controlled and secured.

It all adds up to a need for different approaches to security. Hospital managers base their security decisions on law, costs, fear of litigation, and to protect their facility’s reputation. But the critical assets of a hospital – its people, property, information and reputation – must be protected with good security.

Hospitals face a daily security challenge with a vast variety of threats and dangers. These threats range from violence towards staff and patients, to theft of vital equipment and crimes of opportunity. Violent behaviour within hospitals has grown to such proportions that every NHS Trust in the UK will report annually an average of 500 such incidents.

NHS trusts are being obliged to provide their own security guards and to hire private companies tasked with constant patrolling. Electronic security measures such as CCTV and alarms are central to their security strategy. With accountability also of great importance, access control and asset tagging can supply invaluable evidence to the location of personnel and equipment.

Living in a culture of accountability and crime on the increase, it’s paramount that all steps are taken to ensure the safety and security of staff, patients and property. Hospital security is unique, but with good planning, protection of its people and assets can be enhanced. A solution to these issues is to make sure that a fully integrated and up to date security management system incorporating all the security disciplines is employed.

2020 Vision is highly experienced in choosing and installing such systems and are always keen to offer consultation on any matter relating to hospital security. Partnering with a security provider that understands the importance of hospital security is crucial.

To analyse security needs, we begin by listing the departments, reviewing the business culture of the hospital, determining the threat levels in each department, interviewing department heads about threats and crime, and planning possible countermeasures for each department. We then develop a master plan and review it against a ‘reality check’ on the basis for the plan and the tools that will be needed.

There are various options in security: high-tech, low-tech and even no-tech. High-tech choices include alarm systems, access control systems, photo identification, CCTV, two-way voice communications and weapons screening systems. Low-tech options include locks, barriers and good lighting. Don’t forget places such as the car park (lighting, access control, CCTV in stairwells, duress alarm), food service area (duress alarm), gift shop (burglar alarm, duress alarm) and shipping/receiving areas (CCTV, patrol). And then there’s the threat potential of biohazard waste storage and disposal (CCTV, access control).


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