Choosing A Business or Home Security System

At a time of rising crime, increases in the severity of criminal attacks and anti-social behaviour, teenage gangs and the real and present danger posed by international terrorists and home grown activists, together with the prevalent claims culture and pressure of accountability, 2020 Vision is aware that the demand for effective business and home security systems is greater now than at any point in history.


Whatever your walk of life, security in Britain today is of paramount importance. No one can deny the importance of good physical security but the days when it alone could be relied upon have disappeared into the past.

Fortunately, today’s security professionals can choose from many business and home security options, thanks to technology providing many cost-efficient ways to improve security for everyone. Low cost options can be as simple as locks and barriers, good lighting, staff awareness training and even landscaping.

Advances in technology provide a plethora of electronic security devices too, such as both CCTV control rooms and IP CCTV camera systems, as well as access control solutions, intruder detection devices and integrated systems. World events have created a need for more reliable, sophisticated security systems and a demand for more knowledgeable security providers — that is why we provide you with many advanced solutions when you’re choosing business or home security systems from us.

2020 Cloud


The 2020 Cloud introduces Video as a Service, minimising capital spend on your system and bringing Peace of Mind and Security without the hassle. Simply a safe eye on your assets, regardless of location, 24/7/365.

The impartial document below is intended to introduce you to some of the technology utilised in the war against crime. It will also help you evaluate and choose your security systems partner, reducing the expensive risk of picking the wrong provider.

Download our useful guide:
Evaluating and choosing security systems and the right provider for you

2020 Vision ystems - Evaluating Security Systems

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Download our company profile for more information about 2020 Vision and how we approach the manufacture and installation of home and business security systems.

2020 Vision – Company Profile
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2020 Vision Systems Company Profile PDF

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download 2020 vision case study pdfCase Study

HD Visual and Audio Monitoring System - IP CCTV Case Study

download 2020 vision case study pdfPDF 1.7MB, 3 pages

HD Visual and Audio Monitoring System - IP CCTV Case Study

HD Visual and Audio Monitoring System - IP CCTV Case Study

Revolutionary use of HD video surveillance offers chance of ‘normal life’ for loving family.

2020 Vision, the multi award-winning security integrator, has broken new industry ground with the development of a fully-integrated monitoring system for a severely disabled boy.

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