Converged Security Solutions

Converged Security Solutions - Integrated converged security solutions help you manage and secure your IT environment holistically

Converged security systems incorporate both virtual and physical measures to create a seamless, centrally managed assets protection platform

Through listening to our customers­,­­ 2020 Vision has developed its business to become a leading provider of converged IP solutions.

We use our specialist knowledge and experience to bring together:

  • best in class infrastructure
  • networking
  • electronic security solutions

These together, create a compatible, feature rich, value for money offering to meet the demanding needs of all types and sizes of businesses and organisations in the 21st century.

2020 Vision provides support through award-winning:

  • product selection
  • commercial flexibility
  • technical know-how

This enables the delivery of truly converged solutions which provide businesses with advanced, scalable, cost effective and reliable IP-based communications networks and building management systems.

We are committed to becoming, and remaining, the partner of choice for our customers, ensuring effective, value for money solutions of the highest quality.

2020 Vision offers truly integrated systems for the modern world.



Copper structured cabling
Fibre optic cabling
Power management
Voice cabling
Network cabinets and enclosures
Aisle Containment


Ethernet switching
WiFi and WiMax wireless
Environmental and security threat management
Power management

Electronic Security

CCTV cameras
Image recording and storage
Infra-red and white light illuminators
Access control
Wireless mesh


What is Converged IP?
Some providers use the term convergence to describe a move to networks supporting voice and data. To 2020 Vision, convergence also encompasses the explosion of IP as the de facto protocol in business communications. We believe that true convergence is about:

  • the foundation of high quality copper and fibre cabling
  • supporting devices from wireless access points
  • security cameras
  • access control systems
  • power and environmental management systems; and a wide range of building management systems.
  • With the development of communication and management systems to meet customer expectations in todays globally-connected world, 2020 Vision prides itself on offering a truly integrated system.

With our converged IP, you can now manage your voice, data and security systems with just one network, saving both money and time. Whats more, our converged IP solutions are fully scalable and flexible enough to meet changes in technology and businesses processes.­

Addressing customer needs with integrated converged security solutions


Do you want to bring added benefit to your clients or increase your service offering?

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2020 Vision – Add benefits to IT
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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or to discuss your requirements. We are happy to provide professional impartial advice. Call +44. 0191 296 2662 or email us using the simple contact form below.

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2020 Vision – Security Solutions
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download 2020 vision case study pdfCase Study

Newcastle City Centre - CCTV & Monitoring System Case Study

download 2020 vision case study pdfPDF 2.9MB, 2 pages

Newcastle City Centre - CCTV & Monitoring System Case Study

Newcastle City Centre - CCTV & Monitoring System Case Study

The role of CCTV in Newcastle is diverse, and is not limited to any one service area.

2020 Vision carried out a full refurbishment of Newcastle City Centre’s CCTV Surveillance system that fully complied with Police Authority Specifications.

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2020 CCTV
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