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IP CCTV network surveillance systems

2020 Vision is an expert in the design and installation of IP CCTV cameras. In fact, our reputation for installing IP surveillance systems across the UK and Europe means your security is in the best hands.

We use market-leading IP CCTV systems to ensure seamless integration with existing IT applications and policies — something that we are very proud to supply. Our network-based CCTV systems provide reduced running costs, increased flexibility, choice of video analytics and great picture quality.

What Is An IP CCTV Camera?

Converged Security Network Diagram - 2020 Vision Systems Limited

Traditional CCTV systems use analogue links to connect cameras to the control station and DVR (Digital Video Recorder).

However, wireless or IP CCTV systems seamlessly link cameras, control stations and NVRs together on an IP (Internet Protocol) network. IP networks are traditionally IT-based, and IP connections are made over a CAT5 or CAT6 data cable network. This system can be easily integrated with any existing IP network resources; for example, the company LAN, WAN (router) and broadband connections.

An IP CCTV system enables easy access to video data from networked cameras and can be accessed remotely from home or anywhere in the world, on any device with an internet connection, including mobile phones, tablets and laptop computers. Digital footage can be quickly reviewed by local or external sources, such as monitoring station staff or the police. You do not need to attend a site to interrogate a tape-based system to a specific point, as the systems can search for motion detection, or specific and dangerous behaviour patterns.

IP CCTV camera systems are fast-replacing analogue systems, with 2020 Vision experts in the installation and planning of IP systems and service. Rest assured that we have successfully migrated many analogue systems to an IP-based infrastructure — view our case studies for just a few high-profile examples.

Standout Features of our IP CCTV Systems


Axsis Communications Gold Partner - 2020 Vision Systems

High Definition – Axis CCTV Cameras

Axis is our preferred camera supplier, providing market-leading CCTV cameras with a number of key features:

  • Large range of HD and Mega-Pixel cameras.
  • Uses PoE to ensure reliability.
  • Best security features.
  • Fits well with existing IT infrastructure.



PoE (Power Over Ethernet)

Powering the cameras through the network has a number of advantages:

  • Avoids special, costly power supplies.
  • Enables easier application of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).
  • Reduces cost of installation.
  • Simplifies maintenance.



Edge Storage

All our cameras have the ability to store footage at the  camera on SD card:

  • Store nearly a month’s footage at the camera.
  • A central recorder can be eliminated.
  • The system can fail over to local recording.
  • You can watch low-res pictures live but view HD recordings.
  • Lowers cost of remote monitoring.

Video Management Software

We use market leading software within our IP CCTV cameras, which offer the following advantages:

  • Produces a fully scalable solution.
  • Integrates with other security systems.
  • Supports a variety of camera manufacturers.
  • Comprehensive analytics.
  • Easy to use.

Download our data sheet for more information:
2020 Vision – Network Video
PDF, 950KB, 2 pages


CCTV with Superior Image Quality

Image quality is clearly one of the most important features of any camera. That is why IP CCTV cameras from 2020 Vision give superior image quality in even poor lighting conditions, enabling the identification of incidents with unparalleled image quality. This means that the user can closely follow changing situations as they develop, ensuring effective decision making leading to increased safeguarding for people and property. It also ensures greater accuracy for automated analysis and alarm tools. Our IP surveillance systems also ensure that in critical situations you can identify what is really happening and in many cases notify the civil authorities to apprehend intruders while they are still on the premises. In a fully digital IP surveillance system, images from a network camera are digitised only once and they stay digital with no unnecessary conversions, therefore no image degradation due to distance travelled over a network.

Facial Recognition Systems

IP video technology advances daily and there are enormous possibilities for face recognition technology both now and in the future. 2020 Vision is experiencing a high demand from companies across the globe where security has become the crucial factor for business growth. Fortunately, we can provide the right solution for crime mitigation and have provided solutions in many market sectors, including retail, banking and law enforcement.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems provide high-performance detection of vehicle number plates that can be used for access control, car park management, traffic monitoring and journey time analysis systems. Our ANPR systems will also detect vehicles loitering and allow users to view historical data to identify vehicles being used by criminals for unlawful surveillance.

Receive the Complete System with 2020 Vision’s IP CCTV Cameras


2020 Vision specialise in delivering the (complete package (turn key solution?) when it comes to IP surveillance systems. We can tailor our products to meet your needs and deliver a bespoke system that is future-proof, and one that can organically grow with your business.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our IP CCTV systems or to have a more in-depth discussion about your requirements. We are happy to provide professional impartial advice. Call +44. 0191 296 2662 or email us using the simple contact form below.

Don’t forget to download our security solutions brochure for more information about 2020 Vision and our services too:
2020 Vision – Security Solutions
PDF, 2.4MB, 24 pages


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download 2020 vision case study pdfCase Study

RSPB Puffin Watch - IP CCTV & Monitoring System Case Study

download 2020 vision case study pdfPDF 2.5MB, 3 pages

RSPB Puffin Watch - IP CCTV & Monitoring System Case Study

RSPB Puffin Watch - IP CCTV & Monitoring System Case Study

During the spring and summer every square metre of the island is packed with nesting seabirds.

It is not possible for visitors to land on the island because of the number of nesting birds, so RSPB decided to employ the latest in remote monitoring technology to take the birds to the people.

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